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Are you Looking for the Best Car Upholstery Cleaning Service Gold Coast or Logan Area?

Car Upholstery cleaning in Gold Coast provided by Joni’s has been receiving good feedback from clients. Upholstery and sanitation are car washing practices as important as cleaning the exterior. In fact, when you are inside your car it is essential to be in a welcoming environment, both for a matter of health and hygiene and for mental tranquillity.

However, cleaning the upholstery of car and car sanitising are not always very simple practices, as they require certain care, the right techniques, and appropriate car upholstery cleaning . Most of us maintain our car very well. But it is necessary to get the upholstery of car cleaned at regular intervals for a healthy ambiance.

How many times does it happen to mistakenly pour a drink on a fabric/leather/velvet seat, all particular materials that require separate treatment techniques. How many times does it happen instead of being forced to eat a quick bite in the car, between one trip and the next, and dirty the upholstery with crumbs or food residues? Not to mention those who own a pet, whose fur tends to get trapped in the textures of the fabric, making our vehicle appear very dirty?

Joni’s offer Upholstery Cleaning Services in Gold Coast with great quality and at the best price. You can see some great reviews given by our work for our Carpet Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Air Conditioner Cleaning Mattress Cleaning in Gold Coast, Logan, Tweed Heads, Springfield and surrounding areas.

Steam To Clean and Sanitise Car Seats

Sanitising seats and upholstery is essential, since germs, bacteria and dust accumulate in the passenger compartment, dangerous to the health of cars and people. For this reason, we recommend that you entrust car interior sanitation to professionals at least once a year and in the case of purchasing a used vehicle. Using steam allows you not only to remove stains, but also to sanitise the car seats. The steam, in fact, washes the fabrics and sucks up the dirt; in this way you can reach all surfaces, even in difficult places, ensuring excellent cleaning of the seats and interiors.

It also saves you both water and time. In fact, cleaning with steam is a faster operation than traditional cleaning. No chemicals are used for the ecosystem and health: this treatment is ecological, safe in the car and for people. To get a better service, find a professional Upholstery Cleaning in Gold Coast.





Car Upholstery Cleaning Service Gold Coast by Joni’s

The car upholstery washing service proposed by Joni’s Cleaning comes from the experience and continuous updates provided to our work team that with passion, dedication and meticulousness is able to perform a professional cleaning and sanitising of seats and car interiors both in fabric than in leather. Through the use of professional pressure washers and the use of highly reliable products, respecting the environment, we guarantee the elimination of stains, bad smells and any dirt residues with a qualitatively high result. We are offering the Best Upholstery Cleaning in Gold Coast.

We offer personalised treatments of:

  • Elimination of odours due to smoke
  • Elimination of odour after vomiting
  • Elimination of the smell of mould
  • Elimination of dog odour from the seats
  • Hand polishing of all chromed parts and internal plastics
  • Vacuuming and washing of fabric and leather seats, head restraints, floor mats, interior upholstery and luggage racks, as well as canvas roofs.
  • Total sanitation and sanitation of the dashboard and air vents.


If you search for “Car Upholstery Cleaning Near Me” from Gold Coast or Logan, one of the top results would be Joni’s. Please note that the upholstery cleaning services can be customised based on your requirement. We are just a call away – 0479 045 067

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